Electronic canes for the blind and visually impaired

Dedicated to professionals specialized in visual deficiency and blind or visually-impaired people.

Created by the VISIO Foundation in partnership with the Visioptronic Company, presents :

- The most effective electronic aids currently on the market to facilitate moving both indoors and outdoors.
- The services you can access as a professional with the VISIO Foundation.


Due to infrared and laser sensors, our devices anticipate both mobile and immobile obstacles and reports them: when sensing an obstacle, the electronic system sends information through vibration, thus facilitating its bypass. These are the only devices designed closely with people visually-impaired or visually-deficient.


  • The electronic cane TOM POUCE® prevents bumping into objects and barriers, even placed high up.
  • This product offers notion of distance and a source of comfort where movement is concerned.
  • The cane insures stress-free movement and provides actual fluidity in all environments.
  • It frees the mind and eases trips on unknown, modified or roadwork-bound paths.
  • The cane is available to users free of charge, once the beneficiary has received training by our specialized centres.

Comparative tests have allowed us to appreciate the advanced technical efficiency our products have compared to other products available on the market.

Getting around outdoors :


TOM POUCE® is a light, discreet and removable device which attaches to the cane and transforms it instantly into an electronic cane! This terrific obstacle-detector reads the environment very clearly: it detects obstacles up to 2 m (approx. 6.56 ft) high and can reach between 2 and 15 m (49.21 ft) ahead.

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Getting around indoors :


Ideal for use inside buildings and perfectly complementary to the guide dog or the
TOM POUCE®, this small device fits in your hand and measures distance to obstacles though vibration. This infra red device vibrates indicating the distance and location of impending obstacles thereby ensuring a safe passage.

Download the data sheet

Discover how using it !



Detect, anticipate and walk round all kind of obstacles : it’s now possible with the electronic cane TOM POUCE®!

This film reveals you how it works.

TOM POUCE®, a wonderful innovation which can really change your daily life.

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Develop and distribute

If you are a professional :
Don’t miss this terrific opportunity !

  • With these electronic aids, you will allow more people suffering from visual-deficiency to gain autonomy safely.
  • With the VISIO Foundation, you will benefit from comple te logistical and technical support to implement and develop distribution of the electronic cane.

Become a training site

For a few years, we’ve noticed that the electronic cane is growing in popularity among people suffering from visual-deficiency. If you are a professional ( guide dog schools, Institute or Organization specialized in visual-deficiency… ) and :

  • You wish to provide a highly efficient and individual solution in terms of mobility support ?
  • You wish to expand electronic aids in your region or country ?

By becoming a partner of the VISIO Foundation, you will have highly advanced technology at your disposal in terms of mobility technology for the visually deficient.

The keys to becoming a successful training site :

  • Being recognized as a model institution in locomotion and mobility by the visually deficient.
  • Having access to the necessary funds in order to carry out the project successfully, or else, having the ability to gather the necessary funds.
  • Having professional technicians on site, or having the possibility to recruit and train them.

After a thorough review of your project, if we decide to validate it, the VISIO Foundation will provide you with the necessary tactical and logistical support :

  • Ad hoc studies
  • Benchmark of the existing equipment on a global scale
  • Skill transfer, for example, for specific training of future mobility instructors.
  • developing an adapted after-sales service
  • Assistance in designing necessary communication tools to make the public aware of your offer.
  • Assistance in fund seeking if needed.

Feel free to contact us for additional information...

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The VISIO Foundation needs professional partners

Our objective is clear: regardless of the country, allowing the largest population of blind and visually impaired people to access the most efficient electronic aids that are now available.

Profile sought by the Foundation:
Professionals in visual impairment such as dog guide schools, institutes or specialized organizations… formerly made aware of the electronic white cane. As a non-profit organization, the VISIO Foundation provides all the means necessary which allow all professionals to optimize and finalize the “electronic aids” offer: market study, training mobility instructors, assistance with developing communication on electronic aids, technology transfer…
For more information on the VISIO Foundation : www.fondation-visio.org
Watch the testimony of a partner of the Foundation
Christine TURC, au clic ouverture d'une vidéo vimeo
Christine TURC – CEO, Association les Chiens Guides d’Aveugles de l’Ouest


Free availability

You are visually deficient, interested in TOM POUCE® and/or MINITACT® and wish to
try it out?

Contact the VISIO Foundation : They will put you in contact with the closest training site. The site will :
  • Assess your ability to get around safely and how well you use your cane, your posture and your needs.
  • Show you our range of equipment, provide you with training

Depending on your degree of autonomy, extra training in mobility can be provided in order to learn how to use our electronic aids. Those admitted to our training sessions will be informed of the dates of upcoming sessions.


Duration: Approximately 30 hours, depending on each training centre and the candidates’ ability to master the equipment. It can be offered in one or several sessions. Once the training has been validated, a contract confirming the provision free of charge of TOM POUCE and or MINITACT will be signed by the beneficiary. Each user will be followed by their training site which will also provide maintenance and any follow up concerning the equipment on loan.

Follow up and support
This will be provided by your training centre.

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