DogSim next generation

The new dog-simulater, very lightweighted, compact and ergonomic.

This helpful tool is used in orientation and mobility training to prepare applicants before they get their first dog. As trainer, you can easily find the applicants real pace, train the person to stand right to his future dog. It also provides a feeling of a very realistic dog-walk. 

Conceived and designed by GDMI's Mobility instructors and GDMI's

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  • Ultra lightweihgted
  • Compact, easy to transport
  •  Reliable and robuste
  • Very precise restitution of directional changes
  • Learners grip rotates for optimum comfort 
  • Could be used on any surface, even sand or stones 
  • Great tool to train stairs up or down with a dog
photo de l'apprentissage du DogSim entre un déficient visuel et une instructrice en locomotion
fausse montre repliques de montres