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What is the connection between the VISIO Foundation and the VISIOPTRONIC Company?

VISIOPTRONIC is the only company that can manufacture the TOM POUCE® cane and the MINITACT® (registered trademarks). Because of the superior efficiency of these two products, the VISIO Foundation supports the company, therefore allowing a free availability to the blind and visually impaired who wish to obtain these products.

This support system also allows VISIOPTRONIC to be reactive in terms of production and after-sales service if necessary.

What happens if a device breaks down?

Mobility instructors are trained in light maintenance. If assistance from our after-sales service is required, the device is immediately replaced, for the duration of the repairs, or changed free of charge.

As a Guide Dog school, what advantages are there in also offering support in electronic aids?

Each individual suffering from visual impairment has specific needs which depend on their age, their personal and professional life-style, and their desires. Logically, as years go by, life and needs change. Offering an alternative support solution in autonomy and mobility – Guide Dogs or electronic aids – will position you as a mobility specialist in your own right as you will provide an individual solution to each person.

Providing such a wide offer will allow you to assist a large number of people suffering from visual deficiency, along with offering life-long assistance, with a mobility aid solution which is both flexible and scalable. 

Does the electronic white cane represent a “threat” for guide dogs?

There is absolutely no competition  between guide dogs and electronic aids. Therefore, the electronic white cane does not compete with guide dogs in any way.

The decision to opt either for a guide dog or an electronic aid is based on completely different criteria which can be personal or technical. It all depends on the person’s daily needs.

- The TOM POUCE® electronic white cane is intended for the blind or the visually impaired who do not want, or cannot qualify for guide dog assistance.

- MINITACT® is perfectly complementary to the guide dog as it designed and adapted specifically forgetting around indoors. Therefore, it is very common that guide dog owners also have a MINITACT®.

Where can I find out more about electronic aid devices?

The easiest solution is to contact the VISIO foundation by email: or by telephone : +33 (2) 41.681.518 in order to arrange an appointment.

The foundation will come to you and present the equipment, discuss your project and help you carry it out.

I’ve heard of different electronic cane designs. How can I tell which is better?

The TOM POUCE® white cane is recognized by professionals and the visually deficient as the most efficient technology on the market today. It was developed in close co-operation with visually impaired people by René Farçy, who is currently working as researcher in the Aimé Cotton CNRS laboratory. The TOM POUCE® has benefitted from constant research for over twenty years. 

This is the reason the VISIO Foundation selected TOM POUCE® to enter the organization support programs for technological innovations

. The VISIO Foundation sponsors qualified organizations in terms of visual deficiency (schools, institutes and specialized organizations…) who have the desire and the will to help and serve as many blind and visually impaired people as possible by proposing an “electronic aid” offer.

The foundation provides their professionals with all the technical and logistical support deemed necessary to develop a discount program for TOM POUCE® and MINITACT®, to ensure free availability of equipment for people who may need it, after being trained by specialized instructors.

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