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Who can have an electronic cane?

TOM POUCE® and MINITACT® are intended for any one suffering from visual deficiency are profound visual impairment. In order to avail of these aids, or try one out, you must make a request at your nearest training centre or contact the foundation VISIO: Tél . + 33(2) 41 681 518 – Mail :

Do I have to pay for the electronic cane?

TOM POUCE® and MINITACT® are provided free of charge. The follow up and after sales service are provided by your training centre (replacement or exchange free of charge)

This also applies to training for mobility and the use of electronic aids (not including travel expenses to the training centre).

Is an electronic cane difficult to use?

Nothing could be easier: electronic refers to the little extremely light removable device which attaches to the white cane. You have absolutely nothing to program, as soon as you switch it on, on detecting an obstacle, the device will vibrate to let you know.

Is it difficult to use MINITACT®?

NO it is very easy to use. The device emits infra red which detects and measures distance and obstacles. This distance is translated by a progressive vibration depending on the distance between the user and the impending obstacles.  The training offered beforehand will help you to master this aid perfectly. 

Why do I need to have mobility training to use an electronic cane?

This training is necessary because:

- it permits us to assess your capacity to get around autonomously and safely

- it validates the correct posture in movement

- it teaches you how to use the equipment properly

I am interested in the electronic cane; can I try one out without any commitment?

Yes, you can begin by trying one out if you contact the nearest training centre. Do not forget that the electronic cane and the mobility training before hand are provided free of charge.

How long must I wait to obtain an electronic cane after my request?

You will obtain your electronic cane 3 months following the validation of your ability to get around safely and master the technical aspect of the equipment.

How long does the training course last?

The course lasts approximately 30 hours, depending on the training site and the individual candidate’s capacity to master the equipment.

It can be proposed in one or several modules. It takes place in a training centre near you and is free of charge.

My TOM POUCE® doesn’t work anymore. What should I do?

TOM POUCE® works with two AAA rechargeable batteries.

If you notice there is a technical fault or a part is broken, your training centre will repair it for you free of charge. Another device will be given to you free of charge while your own device is being repaired.

My MINITACT® doesn’t work anymore. What should I do?

It works with two AAA batteries inserted in the device. When they are worn you simply replace them.

If you notice there is a technical fault or a part is broken, your training centre will repair it for you free of charge. Another MINITACT device will be given to you free of charge while your own device is being repaired.

I have a guide dog and I would now like to have an electronic cane. What must I do?

You must contact the nearest training centre to you. It will provide you with all the necessary information , carry out an assessment of your needs and your ability to get around safely, how well you use your white cane…You can then discover the range of aids available and try them out.  You can also if you wish after some time, return to having a guide dog.

Depending on your degree of autonomy, extra training in mobility can be offered (free of charge)

MINITACT is reserved for indoor use and is perfectly compatible with a guide dog.

Is the electronic cane a competitor for the guide dog?

There is absolutely n competition between the guide dog and the electronic cane. The choice to obtain a dog or an electronic cane lies purely on different fundamental personal or technical criteria. It all depends on the individual’s daily needs.

-  TOM POUCE® is intended mainly for those who do not wish to, cannot, or no can longer no longer avail of a guide dog.

-  MINITACT® is a perfect complement to a guide dog as it is specifically designed for getting around indoors (in the home, in the work place, shops, crowded corridors). It is thus quite common for someone to have both a guide dog and MINITACT.

I’ve heard about several models of electronic canes. How do I choose the one best suited to my needs?

The TOM POUCE electronic cane is considered to be the most effective on the market today. Designed by René Farcy, in close collaboration with the visually impaired, it benefits from 20 years of continuous research . Tests have confirmed its qualities which are significantly superior to others of its kind on the market, and which are for sale. It is for this reason that the VISIO foundation selected this device. The foundation actively supports VISIOPTRONIC and the professional partner training centres. Thanks to this support we can equip our users free of charge.

If I take the plane, will I be able to take my electronic cane on board?

You can have it on board. You are authorized to do so.

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