Guide Dog harness

Revolutionary harness and handlebar for guide dogs 

This lightweighted,very harness fits on every guide dog, independant from their size. He can be used without any modification by left or righthanders. The handlmebar can be taken off with one hand only and the users handle rotates for a perfect ergonomic handling. A genious invention prevents the handlebar from falling on the dogs back, nor it could hit his head. Togehther, they guarantee a perfect and precise feedback.
Conceived and designed by and for GDMI's to be used by professionnal dogs trainers and guide dog owners.
  • Harness adjustable size
  • Girth strap adjustable & clickable on the left and the right side
  • Front chest strap adjustable
  • Machine washable at 40°, very resistant
  • Lightweighted and compact
  • Increased night visibility
  • Handlebar adjustable in lenght
  • Ergonomic handle with active handprotection
  • Handle easily rotates by fast & simple modification by the user
  • "One-hand" take-off handle, great in public transports... 
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